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Prospect Report: Final Words from Triple Crown

Prospect Report:  Final Words from Triple Crown

Triple Crown Monday

What We Heard and Notes Taken

Legacy Volleyball will be a hotbed for coaches this Summer

Kayla Nwabueze- Middle Blocker

“She has the chance to be a once-a-generation player”

A force in the U16 Championship match.  Some staff’s are flying home tonight and discussing how to order their MB prospects and she will be right up there for many.

Gabby DiVita (Outside Hitter) is going to get some serious Big Ten interest (and guessing quite a bit nationally).  Different player than many of the top OH’s we have talked about, but she gets results and did all weekend long.

One team is so loaded with talent that many D1’s left KC early just to see them.  Talked to three different that were flying Saturday night just so they could sit at Metro 16s court all Sunday in DC.  Morgan Williams (Outside Hitter), Nadiya Johnson (OPP) and teammates should have had a few extra sets of P5 eyes on them today.

Familiar Eyes watch a couple of Boiler Jrs standouts……Reese Resmer (MB) and Lexi Shondell (Setter) had some traffic all weekend and a lot of it was from a local conference 

Elena Hoecke (MB MN Select) was popular this weekend.  “Love the fact she has an all-around game.  So much she can do on a court.”  

“Wanted to see how she helped up vs. some of the more athletic middles at TC and she played very well.’  

Can outsiders contend for Mintonette’s talented class?  They came up short in the U16 title match, but Mintonette has several who can play at a high level and are very impressive.  “The question is can any outsiders get them to leave the state?  That’s what the question is right now.”

“Layla Hoying is one of the underrated kids in this class.  There are times she plays like the best in Ohio and can take over matches.  Very interested in watching her Spring.”

Just a bit about 2027s (Setter Edition)

Marissa Jones is not only the top overall athlete in 2027 she is just a great person.  She knows the attention won’t slow down until she commits NEXT Summer.  Many coaches from many Top 10 programs made sure to stop by her matches for A5.

Ellery Deboer (Setter MN Select) is fitting in new with her new team and made an impact this weekend.  Minnesota’s top 2027 took advantage of playing in the 16s court and the visitors watching her teammate Hoecke.  “27 is our setter year and can’t wait to see how good she is in another year.”

Mallorie Boesiger (Setter NE One 17s) “She’s different and so steady and such a high IQ.  It’s like she has no pulse just plays and is ALWAYS in control of her emotions and her team.  Pretty impressive considering she plays with 4 D1 commits 2 years older than she is.”

Final Thoughts:

Midwest is just fine.  No state may have as much depth as Texas, but the heartland states have MANY high-level prospects.

Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle……Now the work gets more serious for college staffs as they will take all of their notes from the weekend and go back and hit the “War Rooms” and start working on Top Lists for each position of need. 

Our assumption was confirmed.  Going in we thought the MB’s group could be the deepest in years.  After this weekend, that thought was correct.  Talent and depth are abundant in 2026s.

Coming this week is our “All-Adrenaline Team from Triple Crown” and like us, it will be different than most others……stay tuned.

Darren Tipton