10 Foot Touch......Challenge Me

10 Foot Touch......Challenge Me

A few years back "The 10 ft. Mark" was the Holy Grail of legitimizing a volleyball player with the athleticism to play D1. It was a mark thought, athletes need to consistently be able to hit to compete at the highest level. It seems like times are changing fast with more and more and younger and younger athletes going high above 120 inches on their measured approach touch. Here are the top Sky Walkers from our VBAdrenaline.com Prospect Profiles......

10'6.5 Hazel Avelok-6' MB Class of 2025-IMG Academy

Within a few points of watching Hazel on the court, you can see she is playing higher than nearly anyone she faces. Her long frame makes it look effortless for the UCLA verbal to raise her block above her opponents and she can easily put a ball straight down when attacking.

10'6" Nadiya Johnson-6'2" OH Class of 2026-Metro Volleyball Club DC

Johnson is another with a frame like Avelok's. So she is quick off the ground. Being "above the action" helps her have great vision when attacking. 126 touch is pretty impressive for a Sophomore. Watch that number go up as she continues to get stronger.

10'5" Jayden Robinson-6'2" OH Class of 2026-Houston Skyline

Robinson is versatile with her skills and should have the length and quickness to play in the middle, but the explosion to be an outstanding OH. She combines a power game with quickness and length. Her block touch at 9'11" may be an even more impressive #.

10'5" Ayanna Watson-6'3" OH Class of 2026-Vegas Aces

We have talked about Watson's talents, earlier this month, but she makes rising high look smooth and almost effortless on the court. She is another who isn't afraid to play the power game or rise quickly and use her reach. All of these add up to her being one of the most coveted prizes in the upcoming recruiting class.

10'3.5" Tara Greenberry- 6'3" MB Class of 2025-High Performance VB Club-University of Houston verbal

Powerful on both sides. Greenberry's explosive touch # means she's athletic and just one of the reasons the University of Houston staff can't wait for her to get her on campus.

10'3" Olivia Henry-6'4" OH Class of 2027-All-Star Empire Volleyball

You read that right Class of 2027 which means that Henry's #s are only going up as she gets older. It's crazy to think where her overall game can go as she matures. Probably why she has a great chance to be the #1 player in the Class of 2028 and her name is on EVERY D1 coach's spreadsheet.

10'3" Marissa Jones- 6'1" Setter Class of 2027-A5 Mizuno Volleyball Club

Who doesn't want a SETTER that can touch 123 inches? Jones is another "youngin" playing at an elite elevation and this gives her a huge advantage seeing the court from above the net.

10'3" Morgan Williams- 6'3" OH Class of 2026-Metro Volleyball DC

Morgan is another one of the high-flying crew from Metro VB. Already at 6'3" and have the athletic skills and vertical game to match. It's no wonder Williams has attended all the big select college camps on the East Coast.

10'2" Halle Thompson-6' OH Class of 2026-Houston Skyline

Halle is another one that we have already talked about, but this one is pure POWER. Explosion on offense and defense. I like the way she especially uses her "ups" when attacking from the back row. Just a couple of skills that MANY programs love about the TX big hitter.