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USA Nationals Tuesday: Recruiting News and Notes

USA Nationals Tuesday:  Recruiting News and Notes

Action is fast and furious in Chicago as the 16s and 17s battle for Natty positioning. The pace of play is rapid and so is the step pace of division one coaching staffs. With so many 2025s in action and still deciding their fates coaches are making sure their targets know they are watching.  Sometimes that means hustling from court to court.

We at VBAdrenaline are learning so much about this 2025 class and the entire recruitment process in general. Both from athletes and from coaches....Here is some of the latest interesting bits....

**Bayleigh Minor has options......Long, athletic MBs are sought after in today's game. Bayleigh Minor (Houston Skyline) has both. She also has plenty of college options. Minor is a top 400m sprinter in the entire USA so D1 track programs have been after her for awhile. But, her dominating play on the volleyball court has brought a lot more interest than the 2025 prospect thought would happen. "I knew I would get some volleyball interest, but then the 15th hit and it's been crazy how many schools are reaching out." Does she have a preference or is she leaning one way? "Right now I am truly open to the best option. Some colleges have said I can do both, others want me only for volleyball and of course some want me only for track." We asked her what might determine her decision...."Right now honestly I'm completely open to finding the best situation for me. It might be track or volleyball I really being open about my options."

**The "Stanford Effect" mix in the volleyball tradition with the academic experience and Stanford Volleyball is a great opportunity for prospects. The Cardinal appear to be in 3-4 of the biggest names remaining. Some schools are waiting to see who Stanford takes and that will alter many offer lists for other schools.

**Iowa's double threat. Chloe Meester has blown up in the last 6-8 weeks and is a much higher prospect than ranking systems may have her. The Hawkeye State also boasts another OH top target in Abbey Hayes, who rebounded today with a very solid day of volleyball. Look for both of the Iowa prospects to get a lot of attention until they make their decisions.

**Parks' double threat.....Logan Parks continues to amaze college coaches. Some see her as a top 1-2 setter in the class and some see her as a top 1-2 RS hitter in the class. Some even see her as a top 1-2 overall player in the class. Those options have given her many options when it comes to her final list.

**Where is the "Tribe" heading? Tribe 16s are one of the most talented teams in Chicago (either age group). When you are that good you have some talented players. No one off the Tribe squad has mad a college choice yet and that has led to many discussions from college staffs. Charlotte Glass, Kelly Kinney and my new favorite Tekoa Barnes all are going to make some college staff very happy, but what is there timeline?


Louisville picking up steam. The Cardinal landed their hometown middle last week, but they are in on several big names still. If 2-3 of those names sign on you could be looking at Louisville pushing their way into a top 2-3 class.

Gilk handling things in stride. We have had the chance to really get to know MN Select RS Carly Gilk this season and couldn't be more impressed. Her game speaks for itself, but this is young lady had her priorities straight and a plan in mind. Caught up with her today to talk just a little recruiting. When I asked how the process has been: "You know it's actually been very easy, almost fun. I stuck to my original Top 5 and focused on them so I didn't have a ton of extra calls." Have you gotten closer to a decision? "I know what I'm looking for and will make the decision that is right for me. I want to take visits." There aren't many free days for MN 2025 as she will be headed to USA U19 training after a week off next week.

More athlete updates and recruiting updates with two more days left here in Chicago.