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The Prospect Report: Day 2 MEQ

The Prospect Report: Day 2 MEQ

The Prospect Report:

MEQ Day 2

Who They Are Talking About:

Ryan Sadler OH A5 16
She fits the trend for this class.  Undersized OH that is super athletic with an explosion.  There is a spot for her in a P5 volleyball program for sure.  She has a little bit of the body control like a Halle Thompson and she can make up for sets that may be a bit off target.”
Graycison Saylers MB A5 16s
Definitely in that mix of P5 MBs in this class.  Stopper on the Defensive end with Attacking skills that are developing.  High-Academic kid who will have multiple options.
Lyla Stewart Mintonette OPP 16s
“You put Stewart on most other clubs and she is the best player.  Length and all-around skills.  Plus she has played well in so many BIG matches.  Just doesn’t get quite the “talk” of some of her teammates.  She will see interest, no doubt.”
Alia Schoonover MB Mintonette 16s
She projects as a pin in college, but battles at the net vs taller MB’s and does just fine.  Smooth and athletic.  Love her makeup and how she excels at her role.  That’s a kid you can build and work with.”
Calista Foster OH (Libero) Boiler Jrs 16s
“If she wants, she can be a Libero for a big-time program.  She is playing OH now, but with her size and physicality she could make that transition and play Libero and be one of the best in the class.”
Reese Resmer MB Boiler Jrs 16s
Resmer has had another solid weekend.  She just gives you her all and is effective.  Like her consistency for sure.  That is someone that can add to a roster.”
Sidney Burley Libero MN Select 16s
“She is pushing Cugino for Top Libero in 2026.  She may pass her in many lists.  Love everything about her game.  She is consistent, she wants the ball in tight spots.  She plays with energy and is a feisty competitor.  Going to have many options, she’s so good.  Maybe most consistent bro in the class.”
Kendall Northern MB Elevation Volleyball 16s
Runs smooth routes, quick on block and attack routes.  Very high-ceiling as far as potential goes, best volleyball ahead of her in college.”
Nadiya Johnson OPP Metro DC 16s
“Yes we love her, she touches 10’8” first off all.  Pure raw athletic talent, the ceiling is so high for her.  Things are so easy for her athletically.”

Darren Tipton