Prospect Report: The SUPER 30 of 2026

Prospect Report:  The SUPER 30 of 2026

The SUPER 30 of 2026

Well things are off and running and coaches have visions of 6’4” power hitters filling up their dreams.  So much of college recruiting is based on an athlete’s potential and how they are projected to develop in the next few years. This list is not necessarily based on skill level today, but rather what the pros think may be the top “college athletes” in a couple of years. That is not to say these athletes are not talented, this 2026 class is loaded with dynamic players who we project will make an immediate impact on college volleyball.  We tried to look at players with a high physical ceiling and the intangibles to play at the highest level.  Now like we have always said “no two opinions are the same” and that isn’t different with this list.  We also tried to picture athletes we could see in the UA All-American game in a couple of years.  Our lists aren’t based on any other rankings, but rather an input from talent-evaluators much smarter than any of us.

No liberos:  We will continue to look for liberos who stand out and give us that “wow” factor.  Also, most D1 programs will load up and take priority with attackers first so that is what we did with our list.

Absence of Setters:  This is another position group that has very mixed opinions of who is the best so far.  There is a group of talented Setters ready to separate themselves from the pack as the season progresses and we predict more on the list later on.

Best vs. Best Results:  The great thing about Triple Crown is that you get to see so many of these athletes at the same time.  We really put stock in who stood-out in head-to-head matchups…..The “Oh Wow Factor” held some weight.

Who the Heck is She Factor:  Just because we commoners don’t know a name or see them often doesn’t mean there aren’t some EXTREMELY TALENTED prospects out there who aren’t on the big stage as often.  It’s some people’s job to find them just like the kid playing for the nation’s biggest club.  So yeah there are a couple of names on here that may be brand new (and we love a hidden gem and underdog story for sure)

So here is our initial breakdown of the 2026 biggest recruiting prospects….The SUPER 30.

1. Henley Anderson OH Austin Skyline Juniors

  She sticks out on ANY court. You just know what you are getting with Anderson (A High-Level Athlete) Undeniably the most physical outside in this class at 6’4 and has great ball control to compliment her size. Henley elevates well above the block to give her all options on her attack, lethal from the front row and back row. 

T-2. Halle Thompson OH Houston Skyline Juniors

She has the “It-Factor” to excel at a big program.  Arguable that she may be the number one recruit, a true six row outside hitter who has an incredible no-look shot to beat the blockers. Halle creates a lot of power through her approach, paired with a fast arm swing, she is the complete package. 

T-2. Jayden Robinson OH Houston Skyline Juniors

Probably a surprise to many, but Robinson moved up EVERY prospect list at Triple Crown.  This is that “high-ceiling” we touched on before.  Pros see that she is progressing faster than many thought she might.  She is another Houston Skyline outside hitter who has really impressed us, her ability to read setters as a blocker is impressive. Jayden was tested in serve receive at TC and that is an area that is coming along for Robinson.  Athletically she nails that “Wow Factor” and sticks out on a team of high-profile players.   Some even project her to be the best-in-class in a couple of years.  As she progresses as an  all around player, she has the physicality and jump to compete at the highest level. 

4. Keoni Williams MB Dallas Skyline Juniors 

We will continue to mention that this is DEEP Class of physical/athletically gifted middles this Texan is the definition of those two.

Keoni has a combination of explosiveness and experience that sets her apart from the rest, a reigning National Champion, she impacts the game on offense and defense. A fast middle in transition, she works hard to connect with her setters in front and can be lethal from behind. 

5. Jessica Smallwood MB/OH Kiva 

Probably the first head-scratcher for many, but this isn’t a popularity list it’s a prospect list and Smallwood does it ALL.  Multi-facited game, Strong leadership skills, Coachable and very High-Academics will have many polo-shirts booking flights to KY this Spring to watch the humble-star.

Jessica brought the heat to Triple Crown, behind her 6’5 frame, she generated so much power behind her approach to make her one of the most physical attackers we watched. A versatile athlete who can play all positions in the front row, her range allows her to hit all shots on the court. 

6. Genevieve Harris S NC Academy 

It was hard to know exactly where to fit Harris.  We relied on how she has dominated in the NTDP gym as much as anything.  She plays with an edge that can be interpreted differently, but she demands performance at a different level than most at the position.  These intangibles combined with her high-level skill set make her the top setter in the class of 2026 in many opinions, her delivery of the ball to her hitters  is near flawless. Not only does Genevieve run a smooth offense for her team, she is one of the most offensive setters we have watched. Calling on her own number, she is not afraid to attack at the net and be aggressive. 

7. Gabby DiVita OH Legacy Volleyball

Speaking of competitor that is DiVita.  She plays with an edge on-the-court and prides herself on being that 6-rotation OH so defense is key.  She has studied under Harper Murray and hates to lose just as much as the current Husker.  That alone isn’t enough to be a Top 10 Prospect, but her 10’2” approach touch, ability to put balls away anywhere on the court.  In a recent interview with us she said “I’m a volleyball player and I want to push the limits of my game at the most competitive program possible.”  Another thing about Gabby is she plays her best in the biggest matches.  All separators when it comes to high-end recruiting.

8.  Nadiya Johnson OH Metro Volleyball 

“As high of a ceiling as anyone in the class” that’s the take on Johnson  With one of the highest verticals in the class, reaching 10’8 on the approach jump, Nadiya is a fluid attacker that can cause a threat on offense from either pin. She is a raw athlete who has potential to climb the rankings with her proficient blocking and attacking out of system. 

9. Ayanna Watson OH Vegas Aces 

You can see many similarities in Nadiya Johnson as you do Watson.  Vegas Aces primary offensive threat, Ayanna is relied on a ton in the front and back row, and she continues to surpass expectations. An outside hitter who works hard to get her feet to the ball and better the play, she scores efficiently out of system and is an offensive machine in system. She has some of that “Star Quality” that bigger programs look for as media and fan expectations grow.  Watson is another who may gain more recognition for what she has done in the NTDP gym than club play.

10. Sarah Hickman OPP Houston Juniors 

Left-handed Oppo, High-Academic Skills and a game that improves every time she is on a court…..just guessing those are all things big-time programs would take in a prospect. Sarah is intimidating at the net, standing at 6’5, her impact on the game goes far beyond her height. As a lefty opposite, she has a large range of attacks that make her unpredictable to the defense and she is a shutdown blocker at the net. Her ability to read the hitter and turn her outside hand in is impressive for her age. 

11. Brooke Harwood MB Arizona Storm 

She’s the best out West and Harwood is one of those athletes that doesn’t back down when matched up vs. other big-time middles.  Potentially the best offensive middle blocker in this class, whether it's in front or behind the setter, the defense needs to know where she is at all times. Brooke works hard in transition to be an option for her setter, a naturally big blocker who brings the energy for her team. 

12. Audrey Flanagan OH SCVC

The best in Cali this OH does all the little things it takes to win.  She won’t be the most vocal in a locker room, but she is fundamentally so sound.  Audrey has some serious bounce, at 6’2 she flies above the blockers on offense and her ability to drop in as a blocker makes her a defensive threat at the net. To complete her game, she is a stable passer in serve receive and her killer thumb down shot often beats the defense. 

13. Joy Udoye Oh Austin Skyline 

Maybe another “who??” because that is what we said a few months ago, but Udoye is high on some radars.  Her first year with Skyline she is adjusting to a new speed of play, but again the physicality is there to make her a big-time player at D1.  Playing up a year with the 17s, Joy continues to dominate against a loaded 2025 age group. A terminal attacker who gains momentum in her approach, her strength comes from manipulating her wrist making her hard to read on defense. Joy is just as explosive off the net and out of system, a high flier who can impact the game from either pin. 

14. Kayala Nwabueze MB Legacy 

If you had questions on this Michigan prospects vs. big-time competition….they were answered at Triple Crown.  Tight  match after tight match this MB made plays all through the tourney for her team.  Kayala is the force at the net, with her athleticism and speed sideways, she is a shutdown blocker. Her offense is what sets her apart, she generates a lot of power from her approach and she works hard to get on top of the set. Lead her team to a 16 Elite Championship at Triple Crown. 

15. Elena Hoecke MB MN Select 

This Minnesotan move way up our board after Triple Crown.  We saw her assert herself more than we did last year at Nationals or in the national gym.  She took over matches on the biggest stage and that is what it takes at the next level to separate yourself.  Elena is an athletic middle blocker, she moves well laterally on the block and her best attack may be behind the setter off one foot. She is patient on the attack which allows her to keep the ball in front of her, generating a lot of power through her arm swing.

16. Gigi Artiles OH Tribe 

Whenever someone says “Wow who is that” and people answer with just a first name…that is Star Potential and that is Gigi.  The bouncy outside hitter who is terminal from the front row and back row, her team relies on her a lot offensively and she continues to perform. Versatile outside who takes risks against the block and has an unstoppable thumb down shot.

17. Jordyn Gray Oh Carolina Juniors 

If we stole your “diamond in the rough” we are sorry, but Gray is an extremely underrated prospect because she doesn’t play on an Open team.  Jordyn flies out of the gym with her approach and she is quick to transition on offense. Smart outside hitter with great vision  to attack around the block. She is a natural jumper with a terminal arm swing that confirms she will be an impact player for any team.

18. Ella Andrews MB Legacy 

In the mold of Harwood, Andrews isn’t afraid of anyone and plays big in big moments.  Her reputation in prime-time matches make her sought after at the next level. To top off an already loaded Legacy offense, Ella is a force at the net defensively and works hard to read the attackers to generate block touches for her team. With her height and dynamic approach, her setters want to get her the ball in transition. She is a lethal attacker in front of the setter and scores well off the net.

19. Danielle Whitmire S/OPP TAV 

Could be this year’s Logan Parks underrated early and just keeps moving up and up lists.  We debate on what she is more suited for at the college level (and that is a GOOD THING) having flexibility makes her more desirable. There aren't many players who can play both positions, Danielle stands alone with her cannon arm from the right side and her high IQ as a setter. A leader on the court for this TAV team, she is deceptive in her delivery and her location is spot on.


20. Kinnady Boothe OH Piedmont Volleyball 

A birdie told us to watch this kid on film…next thing you know it was four hours later.  Boothe will be that steal for some big program.  Another who plays on a smaller club team and maybe hasn’t played at the high-level much, but her reach and length are unparalleled in this class.  Six rotations for her club team, but this OH has all the physical skills to play big-time volleyball.

21. Bellamie Beus OH Idaho Crush 

This Idaho prep rivals DiVita as the most competitive/intense player in the class.  She doesn’t back down from anything and she has such a dynamic game.  A player who loves a challenge, playing up with her club's 17s team this year, she is the definition of a powerful athlete. Bella has a violent arm swing that allows her to tool the blockers, she plays with  loud energy and brings the fire to every matchup. An exciting player to watch compete against some of the best 2025s, who probably gained a lot of attention after her performance in TC. 

22. Sara Snowbarger OH Mintonette 

She isn’t the loudest on her team, but she may have the biggest results.  Again maybe not talked about like others on her team, but Snowbarger fits that dynamic mold of a Beus or DiVita.  Another one loved by pros because she has performed so well in multiple huge events in her career. Sara strengthens an already incredible Mintonette offense, her ball court on defense paired with her shot selection on offense makes her one of the top all around players. Her ball placement is what sets her apart, she can rip the ball for a clean kill or find a spot on the court where the defense is not. 

23. Finley Krystowiak OH Wave

Physical and all around player she had a great NTDP earlier this year in front of the USA Volleyball staff.  A definite candidate for the #1 player out of California, Finley has potential to compete at the highest level. She is a crafty player on the outside who utilizes her tool box, but knows when to rip the ball. She captures your attention from starting at warm ups with her high approach touch and fast arm swing.  

24. Kendall Northern MB Elevation 

We told you it is a class of quick-explosive middles and Kendall is another one.  She made some big offensive plays in big moments at Triple Crown. An underrated player in this class because she doesn’t play on a Top 10 team, who stood out this past weekend at TC with her natural athleticism at the net. Kendall is a terminal slide attacker and connects well in front with her setter off the net. A middle blocker who wants the ball in transition and is aggressive at the net. 

25. Mallory Matheny S Mintonette 

Vocal and positive leader Mallory is the type of setter coaches want to recruit, a coachable setter who runs a fast offense and has a tremendous feel for the game. She is a true leader on the court, reading the defense well and setting her hitters up for success. Her flat float serve is worth mentioning, she often scores points from the back line.

26. Layla Hoying OH Mintonette 

An undersized hitter for this level, but her powerful arm ranks her in our top 25. She has great control of her arm swing, knowing when to swing high at the block and when to rip it at their hands. A standout player at Triple Crown, nearly unstoppable running a two in front of the setter. 

27. Ella Grimes L Elevation 

As a dual sport athlete on the beach, Ella brings a gritty attitude and discipline to her defense. One of the top ranked libero, she controls the back court with communication and court coverage. Through her consistent serve receive and out of body digs on defense, she excels in the libero position. She will need to make her decision to play indoor to move up lists and get a bigger offer, but size and skills are for sure there.

28.. Madison Victoriano S Dallas Skyline Juniors 

Madison is a dynamic setter who works hard to get her feet to the ball and she elevates well as a blocker for her size at 5’9. As the quarterback of a talented Dallas Skyline team, her gritty defense complied with her leadership and ability to run an efficient offense, she is a valuable asset to any team. 

 29. Blair Thiebuad S Houston Skyline 

You know what you are getting with Thiebaud.  A ring-leader who can manage a line up of stars. Bllair brings the height in the setting position at 6’0 tall, she is able to set the tight balls or make an offensive move at the net. Quick to the ball in transition and involves all her talented hitters at the right time. Her talent shows when she sets against the flow, a powerful setter with strong hands that allow her to push the ball to the pin. 

30. Layli Ostovar OH Mizuno Long Beach

Ostovar is another top prospect that will have the decision of beach or indoor. A powerful attacker, loaded with all-around skills she is very effective attacking and reading the defense. She counters, being slightly undersized by her explosion and volleyball IQ. For years known as one of top California players, Layli has had a lot of work in the USA Gym also.

Darren Tipton