First 15 of 2027 Class

First 15 of 2027 Class

15 to Follow in the Class of 2027

The Class of 2027 is going to be special.  There is superstar potential at the top and there is going to be high-end depth throughout (especially at the Setter position).  Here is our list of 15 that we have had a chance to watch in best vs. best situations and you will hear much more about.

**Athletes in BOLD have Player Profiles on our site. Take a look at their stories.

Olivia Henry- OH Empire Premier

How are these for FRESHMAN measurable…….Height: 6’4”, Block Touch: 10’, Approach Touch 10’3”. Another that plays up a year, but not with an Open Division team.  That doesn’t matter she excels vs. the best in the USA at every NTDP.  Early pick at #1 overall and has serious star power at the next level.

Marissa Jones-Setter A5

6’1” and touches 10’3” as a Freshman in HS.  She would be the most athletic Setter maybe in the history of D1.  So dynamic on the court and has amazing character off of it.  This young lady has “IT” all.

Caroline Ward- OPP Boiler Juniors

6’1” OPP who plays up with one of the best 16s teams in the USA and is the most dominant player.  She caught our eye at UA Next Indy where she stood out glaringly amongst a gym of older stars.

Carson Comer- MB Municana

6’3” and Block Touch of 9’6” already.  Comer is smooth on transitions and slides and also has that Munciana toughness and work ethic to be great.

Shaye Witherspoon- OH Rockwood Thunder

6’3” and physically as intimidating as anyone on this list. Witherspoon has dominated play at her age level.  She looks more like a Sr. in high school than a freshman.  Shaye “attacks” the net and her strength and aggression show on the court.  You can tell she has spent time in the NTDP gym as she is another who more than handles her own in the back row.

Ellery DeBoer- Setter MN Select

6’0” with and puts up a Block Touch of 9’7” already, but DeBoer has excelled in her first year playing Open and playing up a year with MN Select 16s.  Technically sound and soft hands she could make a run for #1 Setter in this DEEP class.

Cora Bicknese- Libero Vital VB

Raising eyebrows in the Open division and another athlete playing up.  Love her intensity on the court and footwork.  Coachable and competitive she is active and vocal on the court and WANTS the ball on every point.

Gemma Hopkins- Libero Houston Jrs

Playing up a year is the anchor and vocal leader for a Houston Juniors team that has steadily improved each week to become a Top 8 team in the nation.  Hopkins has the personality to be a star and also has been molded by older sisters playing at the next level.  She’s a relentless trainer and also a film nut so her volleyball IQ is off the charts.

Brynn Stephens- Setter/OPP TAV

6’2” Block Touch 9’10” and Approach of 10’1” can you say athlete!  The technique is solid and she is a competitor and floor general.  All the schools needing a taller Setter will be lining up for Stephens.  Superstar in the making.

Reagan Walraff- OH/MB Nebraska Premier

At 6’0” she may be undersized for a middle, but her 10’ Block Touch and 10’3” Approach Touch tell you this kid gets up.  She has been dominant this club season at her new home in Nebraska being a 6-rotation OH.  We first saw her in the NTDP gym and thought “What is that kid doing in that line with everyone else (because she was about 3-4 inches shorter than some) Reagan quickly answered that question by making play after play throughout the weekend.  Walraff has the “highest ceiling” of anyone on this list and could be a Top 10 by next Summer.  Her attitude and energy are contagious on the court which only makes her stock higher.

Allie Hudgins- OH Austin Skyline

Stop us if you have heard this before….Austin Skyline OH is 6’4” and is great in the back row and dominant in the front row.  Follows right in line with #1 2026 and clubmate Henley Anderson.  Hudgins is as good as advertised on the court.

Taylor Harrington- MB Paramount VB

6’2” with a Block Touch of 9’7” already she is the best player in VA.  She was invited to the Nebraska camp last summer and also attended the UA Next camp.  Harrington fits the mold of the MB’s on this list: Long and smooth on the court.  So quick to set her block and glides running her routes.

Malorie Boesiger- Setter NE One

Comes from a volleyball family and has played up 2 age classes commanding the NE One 17s squad for the past several seasons.  Her demeanor on the court is steady and never rattled and she is consistent in her all-around game.  Her attackers love knowing the ball is exactly where they need it to be every time.  Malorie has played in all of the biggest environments and is the same player in everyone.  She just shows up and gets the job done.  A self-proclaimed “gym rat” she studies the game watching on TV whenever she can.

Nyla Livings- MB TAV

Got playing time on the dominant Prestonwood Academy squad as a freshman and plays for TAV.  Was one of only a couple of 2027s invited to the recent UA Next camp in Dallas and was excellent.

Gentry Barker- OH TAV

5’10” but explosive she will be the next in the long line of dynamic OH’s from the Lone Star State.

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