Big-Time Prospects flood Kansas City This Weekend

Big-Time Prospects flood Kansas City This Weekend

60 Class of 2026 Big-Time Prospects to Keep an Eye On at Triple Crown

The "dead period" is over and Class of 26s welcome to the spotlight. The nation's biggest recruiting weekend kicks off and most of the talent will be in Kansas City for the Triple Crown NIT. Close to 800 athletes in the Class of 2026 will commit to a Division 1 program and this will be the first weekend that staffs will seriously focus solely on the 26s so we put together a list of some of the athletes that will be evaluated.

**Athletes in BOLD have Player Profiles on so go check them out and learn more about them.

Setters: This is a much more balanced class than 2025 with 3-4 names being tossed around as "best in the class". Excited to see some of them face off in KC.

  1. Blair Thiebaud Houston Skyline
  2. Genevieve Harris NC Academy
  3. Isabelle Hoppe AVC
  4. Madison Victoriano Dallas Skyline
  5. Mallory Matheny Mintonette Sports
  6. Lexi Shondell Boilers Jrs
  7. Megan Nguyen Madfrog
  8. Eva Long Legacy
  9. Lily Rolfes AZ Storm
  10. Soraya Dennis Wave
  11. Reese Stringer Mizuno Long Beach
  12. Nikolija Bulatovic 1st Alliance

Outsides: This is the position with ?s for us. It will be interesting to see if depth can match up with top-end talent for the overall group.

  1. Halle Thompson Houston Skyline
  2. Jayden Robinson Houston Skyline
  3. Riley Malloy Austin Skyline
  4. Audrey Flanagan SCVC
  5. Gigi Artiles Tribe
  6. Finley Krystowiak Wave
  7. Layla Hoying Mintonette
  8. Layli Ostovar Mizuno Long Beach
  9. Makenna Crosson Vision
  10. Gabriella DiVita Legacy
  11. Henley Anderson Austin Skyline
  12. Joy Udoye Austin Skyline
  13. Ayanna Watson Vegas Aces
  14. Layla Austin TAV
  15. Leilani Lawrence OTVA

Opposites: Some explosive players at the top, but great debate on who is the top of this group.

  1. Taylor Clark Dallas Skyline
  2. Nadiya Shelby Houston Skyline
  3. Sarah Hickman Houston Juniors
  4. Abby Zimmerman SCVC
  5. Danielle Whitmire TAV (SETTER/OPP)
  6. Maya Harris Team Pineapple
  7. Samantha Krystowiak Coast
  8. LeVariya Pinder Dallas Skyline
  9. Isabella Umpierre Winter Park

Middle Blockers: This could be the deepest the position group has been in many years. Athletic and powerful. Loaded with girls that get it done on the block and attack.

  1. Keoni Williams Dallas Skyline
  2. Brooke Harwood AZ Storm
  3. Lynney Tarnow 1st Alliance
  4. Kinsley Young TAV
  5. Kayla Nwabueze Legacy
  6. Ella Andrews Legacy
  7. Lacy Tinnell Houston Skyline
  8. Addison Coady Mizuno Long Beach
  9. Alia Schoonover Mintonette
  10. Taylor Boice SCVC
  11. Hannah Lee Madfrog
  12. Elena Hoecke MN Select
  13. Sophia Stallworth OTVA 
  14. Hayden Connor AZ Storm

Liberos: Some dynamic names made up the 2024s so this position is looking for a few breakout stars to step up.

  1. Emma Cugino Mintonette Sports
  2. Erin Clark AZ Storm
  3. Kiley Brooks Dallas Skyline
  4. Gabi Rodrieguez Madfrog
  5. Henlee Moszkowicz Houston Skyline
  6. Presley Thompson Wave
  7. Ella Grimes Elevation
  8. Emma Frietch NKYVC
  9. Ellie Helper Boiler Jrs
  10. Eden Eyassu Sports Performance 

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