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Amina N'Diaye chooses Miami after a crazy recruiting cycle

Amina N'Diaye chooses Miami after a crazy recruiting cycle

Amina N’Diaye Makes it Through A Crazy Recruiting Process and Chooses Miami

By Zac Tipton 

Amina N’Daiye, a 6’1 OH from Altamonte Springs, FL,  is headed to the ACC, a move her sister Laila N’Diaye made just last year when she headed to Florida State. This time, it was Amina’s turn. Faced with a crazy number of teams calling to recruit her, Amina had to take on “good pressure” to get that list narrowed down. 

“The recruiting process started out crazy. At first, narrowing down all the schools was a lot of pressure.” N’Diaye said, “I narrowed it down to a top 10 before AAUs and USAVs, and then following the NTDP training this last summer, I made my final five and scheduled my officials.”

Amina N'Diaye one of Florida's Top 2025 prospects

N’Diaye, however, still didn’t have any clear favorites going into official visits. She had always loved Miami as a program, and when she got talking to the coaching staff more, Miami started feeling “like home.” She stated that she could see herself spending and loving the next four years there, and that was all she needed to know that she was ready to commit. 

“The hardest part about the recruiting process is that throughout the process and on the visits, you form relationships and build connections with a lot of people, but in the end, you can only choose one school, and for me, my heart was telling me it was Miami.”

N’Diaye became the Hurricanes first commit and, with her commitment, will be joining her sister in the ACC while rivaling both her parents, who played in the SEC. What can Canes fans expect from N’Diaye when she joins the team in a few years? 

“Miami is getting a very competitive player who really loves this sport and likes to be challenged, and who will give 100 percent all the time! I can’t wait to be a part of the Cane family.”

.Cane Nation is getting a talented OH with top-tier defensive ability. N’Diaye made it through her crazy recruiting process and found her home.

“For people going through the recruiting process, I would tell them to enjoy the process.” N’Diaye said, “This only happens once, and at times, it does get hard and stressful, but just trust the process and trust God. And most importantly, whatever’s meant to find you will, so if something doesn’t work out, don’t worry about it. Whatever is meant to happen will.”

Zachary Tipton