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Uncommitted: Part One, Must Watch 2026 Athletes in Vegas

Uncommitted: Part One, Must Watch 2026 Athletes in Vegas

Uncommitted: Part One

Must Watch 2026 Athletes in Vegas

As we transition from June 15th into July, many of the top prospects have verbally committed to continue their volleyball careers at the next level. However, with a very talented and deep 2026 class, many athletes should be on your radar going into Nationals this weekend who are still uncommitted. Let's take a look at some of the top recruits still in search of their home for the next four years.

Layla Austin Outside Hitter TAV

Austin carries a powerful arm when she gets on top of the ball, a difficult outside hitter to defend because of her ability to tool blockers. Her arm speed paired with her all around ball control skills have elevated this TAV team.

Madi Crnjac Outside Hitter Arizona Storm

A complete six rotation player that carries a large offensive load for this AZ Storm team, Crnjac is dependable in the back row with defense and serve receive. She is aggressive out of system and is a leader on the court, a strong pick up for any college program looking to improve their outside position.

Mattea Saunders Libero Arizona Storm

Saunders defends the ball with ease, playing against some of the top attackers in the country, she is relentless on defense and does a great job keeping her platform still to absorb power. She is fearless in the backcourt which allows her to control hard driven swings to the target and she is vocal in serve receive to help alleviate responsibility from her pin attackers.

Kinsley Young Middle Blocker TAV

Ranked among the top 5 prospects out of Texas, Young is a dominant attacker who is smart with her shot selection on offense and has strong blocking technique to get her hands on a lot of balls at the net. She transitions hard to be an option for her setter, Young gets on top of the ball with ease and has a powerful arm that disrupts the defense.

Sarah Hickman Right Side Houston Juniors

Hickman is one of the most physical players in this class with her size, she is a patient blocker at the net to shut down opposing attackers with ease. As a left handed attacker on the right side, she is difficult to stop at the net because of her deceptive arm swing and ability to move the score from different areas on the court.

Zora Bello Setter Houston Juniors

A dynamic setter to watch lead on the court with great energy, Bello has strong footwork to get feet to the ball in transition and has a high contact point to hold blockers. She reads the game well which allows her to move the ball around to different attackers and she puts up a solid blocking presence.

Lily Rolfes Setter Arizona Storm

Rolfes is an impressive setter to watch run the court on offense, she controls the speed of the game with different tempos and utilizes all of her attackers. Rolfes is strong in her hand contact to keep accurate location and knows when to reverse the flow on the run.

Mia Gold Outside Hitter Tribe

Gold will be an asset for any college program, a complete six rotation outside hitter that has a strong platform in serve receive and works hard to get her feet to out of system balls to score for her team. She moves the ball around well on offense to keep the defense on their toes and she covers a lot of court on defense in middle back.

Lexi Shondell Setter Boiler Juniors

Shondell is a deceptive setter that reads the opposing blockers well to put her hitters in a position to score, with fast footwork to get to the ball and square up in transition, she puts up a consistent ball to her attackers. An all around setter that can affect the game in all areas, she has a strong pursuit on defense and can score efficiently at the net as a front row setter.

Levariya Pinder Outside Hitter Dallas Skyline

A versatile player that is a dual sport athlete in high school, Pinder reaches an impressive 10’5 standing at only 5’10. She has the ability to impact the game from any position on the court with her natural athleticism and high volleyball IQ.

Kayla Nwabueze Middle Blocker Legacy

Nwabueze is a fun and competitive player to watch, her speed and athleticism are unmatched in the game. One of the best middle blockers in the country for the explosiveness her approach creates and how she is able to disrupt the opponents offense with her disciplined blocking footwork at the net.

Morgan Williams Outside Hitter Metro

Standing at 6’4 on the outside pin, Williams is a physical attacker that elevates over blockers and is a disciplined blocker that can read the attacker's approach to impact the game defensively. Williams makes good angles outside her body on serve receive and when she gets a hold of the back row attack it is lethal.

Bryah Beaux Outside Hitter Metro

Another lengthy pin for this Metro team at 6’4 who has a lot of potential to impact the college game, Beaux brings natural athleticism to the game with a high attacking point and a dominant block that is hard to get past. She is an efficient attacker from both pins and her ability to serve receive has grown a ton this year.

Samantha Campion