Uncomitted: Part Two, Must Watch Athletes in Vegas

Uncomitted: Part Two, Must Watch Athletes in Vegas

Uncommitted: Part One

Must Watch Athletes in Vegas

Kendall Northern Middle Blocker Elevation

Northern may be one of the most underrated middle blockers in this class, a versatile middle blocker that can attack off one foot behind the setter and is dominant in front due to the high elevations she reaches on her approach. She works hard to stay open to the setter at the net and has a powerful arm to compliment her all around game.

Ella Grimes Libero Elevation

An athlete that competes hard in both beach and indoor, has strong location with out of system setting and is quick on defense to make plays outside her body. Grimes is a relentless libero that grinds on coverage for her attackers and brings an element of a lethal back row attack from her beach game to keep the defense guessing.

Alia Schoonover Middle Blocker Mintonette

Another middle in this class that deserves more recognition, Schoonover is a force at the net with disciplined eyework while blocking and aggressive hands at the net to take up space. As a three-time National champion, she is a dynamic attacker behind the setter that wants the ball and has good footwork to get off the net during transition to be an option.  

Makenna Crosson Outside Hitter Vision

Crosson is about as dominant as an outside hitter as it gets, she is a physical attacker who has a dominant thumb downswing inside the block and is efficient on offense from all areas of the court. Standing at 6’3 at the pin, she is a go-to hitter out of the back row and has strong vision at the net that allows her to attack the seam in the block.

Aubree Fernandez Libero Dallas Skyline

Fernandez plays the role of defensive specialist for this Dallas Skyline team and shows the nation how impactful that position is. Coming off the bench she plays a vital role in serve receive by covering a lot of court and she is a technical defender who has a still platform to deliver the ball to the target.

Reese Stringer Setter Mizuno Long Beach

Stringer brings a lot of value to the setting position with the ability to get the middle blockers involved in transition and off the net. She is a technical setter who finishes with her hands high and keeps her body neutral, making her difficult to read as a blocker.

Raina Chwialkowski Libero Summit Junior

Chwialkowski is one of the top defenders in the class of 2026, spending time in the USA gym at NTDP, she has played and excelled at the highest level for her age. She is reliable in serve receive with solid angles outside her body and is resilient on defense, reading the game to put herself in the best position to defend.

Gabi Zachariasen Outside Hitter Kairos Elite

Playing up two age groups in club, Zachariasen has solidified herself as the complete package for any college program. A six rotation outside that can defend in the bak court and gets a hold of the ball in the front row with a forceful approach that generates a lot of power behind her arm swing.

Aubree Deshetsky Outside Hitter Legacy

Deshetsky is a slightly undersized outside who plays with a ton of height, her ability to elevate and be creative on offense has made her a force at the net. Part of a strong outside hitting duo for Legacy, she has the ability to tool blockers and swing for hands at a high level.

Isabella Umpierre Right Side Winter Park

One of few left-handed attackers in this class that dominates from the right side pin, even at 5’10 Umpierre is a powerhouse attacker with a commanding presence on the court. She demonstrates the ability to play as a six row opposite who is a go-to option out of the back row and she excels in the front row using her vision to attack around the block.

Paisley Pavliska Outside Hitter South Texas

Pavliska is a fiery outside hitter who brings the intensity, she has been instrumental for her club team in serve receive and works hard to get her feet to the ball to power through blockers hands. Her versatility has shown through her ability to showcase exceptional court vision to strategically place the ball and defend hard driven attacks in the back court.

Samantha Campion