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The Prospect Report: Pre Show Me Qualifier

The Prospect Report: Pre Show Me Qualifier

The Prospect Report:

Show Me Week Pre-Tourney Notes:

Who They Are Talking About:
Julia Blom-Libero-Kairos 16s

“She is really good.  Has come on our radar during Qualifier Season.  Follows the talented past of Kairos Liberos.  Her athleticism (as a former OH) shows on the court”

Danielle Whitmire-Setter/OPP-TAV 16s

“Her physicallity and maturity have moved her up in this class.  She has the makeup to be successful at the highest level.”

Taylor Stanley-OPP-Dynasty 16s

“She looked very impressive in her return from injury.  Surprised a bit at how strong she came back right away.  Player that we have really liked since the 15s season.”

Bailey Boeve-MB/OH-MVPU 16s

“Very interested to watch her this weekend.  I just haven’t seen much of her live yet this year.  Does so many things well on the court and so graceful when she elevates looks effortless.  Flies under the radar for sure.”

Bellamie Beus-OH/OPP-Idaho Crush-17s

“Going to be real strong interest from the West Coast for her.  Another one who could play OH or OPP at the next level.  She dominates at the 17s level not sure why she isn’t talked about more?”

Caitlyn Shao. Leah Robinson and Madilynn Benne- MAVS 816

Highly recommended trio for a squad that doesn’t always get the pub.  

Benne is an instant like at ‘Bro with her range and accuracy.  Also great height for the position.

Shao fits the mold of many setters in this class.  Slightly undersized, but fundamentally sound, with excellent footwork and accuracy and has several believing she can play at the highest level.

Robinson has the frame (6’3”) that D1s are after and she isn’t afraid to hit a sharp cross or go down the line.  Heavy arms and physical characteristics are there for her.  Like her game.

Ayanna Watson-OH-Vegas Aces

“She has really emerged in the top 3-4 OH convo since Triple Crown.  Really locked in and high ceiling.  Leading her team this year, been extremely impressed the last 6 weeks.”

Sarah Hickman-OPP-Houston Jrs-16s

“The kid is absolutely crushing it this year.  High-academic, high-ceiling, and game is at a dominant level.”

Nadiya Johnson-OPP-Metro DC 16s

“Saw your interview with her that kid impresses us more each week. Seen her take over a couple of matches in the past two tourneys.  That’s a four-year kid right there.  Could step in early and play at many programs.”

Darren Tipton