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TC Sunday Rumblings and Chatter

TC Sunday Rumblings and Chatter

Triple Crown Sunday

What We Heard and Notes Taken

Mallory Matheny (Mintonette Setter) has moved up to #1 2026 Setter for several schools after this weekend.   Her intangibles are through the roof and it’s a kd that does all of the little things correctly.  Se is so artistic with the ball and in total control of the court

Also, I love her demeanor when things don’t go great.  I love her body language and attitude in tough times.

We tweeted this also, but Jayden Robinson (Houston Skyline OH) has made huge jumps up the charts this weekend.  She is still growing and her ceiling is maybe higher than anyone else at the position.  Again she is an athlete on a very deep team so she may not have the “stats” of others, but colleges are seeing the bright “big picture” with Jayden.

Plus, she is showing the ability to do many things on the court.  Her name will be near the top of MANY staff discussions through the Spring.  She is becoming a high priority.

Jessica Smallwood (KIVA MB) may be the name we heard more than any today.  Interesting to see where her fit ends up because she will have the choices.  She has two perennial powers in her backyard and she could be a small-state hero, but has the game to be courted by many national programs also.  Footwork +, On the Block +, Court Energy/Communication + 

Just really fun watching her play.

Sydney Burley (MN Select Libero) Feisty and confident on the court she wants to make every play.  Coaches are loving her game as she gets used to being at a new club.  You can see the competitor she is and she wants every ball.  Sharing a court with Elena Hoeke brings plenty of eyes to Burley.

Sara Snowbarger (Mintonette OH) Plays much bigger than her height.  Love the way she uses the entire court.  She has such a heavy arm.

Kendall Northern (Elevation MB) staying in the Buckeye State Northern is showing staffs what we already knew.  She can jump out of a gym and showing the ability to score against some of the best in the country on the weekend.  Northern is another one that has such a high ceiling, she plays at a high level, but she projects so much better in a couple of years.

Noteworthy Rumblings:

*Texas is where it’s much depth in this 2026 class.  The tp of the Texas State Rankings will probably reflect a large part of the top of the National Rankings.

*Our belief that this may be the deepest MB class in recent memory is being confirmed.  4-5 different names are being thrown around as #1 and 10-12 names are being debated as legit difference makers at the position.

*The Class of 2027 is full of SUPERSTARS….we noticed this at NTDP and we are getting confirmation that the the top of the 15s class is full of some players that can be program-changing type players and there are more than just a couple of them.

*Go Big Red…….Quite a few members of the current Nebraska VB Roster were in attendance today and they just happened to end up watching a couple of the top OH’s in the 2026 class.  I’m all for this and trust me they were asked for more than a couple of autographs today.

*The only negative thing we heard was again…..Court demeanor dropping kids off lists.  Athletes you have to understand that people are always watching you and if you roll your eyes or have poor body language that IS NOT HELPING YOUR chances of getting offe

*Final note to players and parents....You should people-watch also. Look at coaches and how they interact with other coaches and even fans coming up to say hello. You can learn a lot by how many of them interact. Take notes on them, like they are on you. If they look friendly and engaging they probably are like that in their program. If they look unapproachable or grumpy maybe a good bet they are like that in their programs. Do your homework as part of your process.

Darren Tipton