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Suli Davis Knows it's more important to "Take my time and find the right school"

Suli Davis Knows it's more important to "Take my time and find the right school"

Had a great surprise during Saturday's USA National's 14-15s Tourney Day. Literally "ran into" one of the 2025s most sought after attackers. Suli Davis and her family are in town early, to watch her little sister play, before she takes the court Monday. We had a great conversation and talked about several topics. Here are some comments on the Texas OH.

*Where are you with your process? "The schools I'm down to know I'm going to take all of my visits and not rush to make a decision. It is very important for me not to be pressured into committing and I want to know all about the programs first."

*How chaotic has it been? "Honestly not to bad at all. I had a very organized system and was prepared. I did hear from many schools, but narrowed my list quickly. It was important to me to contact every school that reached out and be respectful about saying I wasn't interested. Once that was done I was able to focus on getting a feel for the remaining schools."

U19 National Team Experience: "It was so much fun and just such a tight-knit group...a very positive experience for me."

Relationship with U19 Teammate Logan Parks: "I was like 13 only and I walked by a court and saw Logan playing and thought whoa I want to be that good some day. I talked to her and asked how you get to be that good. Logan actually told me about playing on "Open Level Clubs". After that I went back and found a larger club and things took off from there. Our families are still close, but yeah watching her made me want to be that good."

Are you taking visits right away in August? "No I'm going to wait until the colleges get into their seasons a bit. Also, my high school coach scheduled very tough matches right away so I want to get through those. I'll take visits probably end of September/October."

Whoever lands Davis will be getting a quality person and athlete. Her mother talked several times about doing things the right way and showing respect for schools, coaches and players. Though Suli doesn't want to let out her top 4 right now she knows she will have the chance to play in a big program and have a shot to play in some great environments.

Darren Tipton