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Setters Convention in Anaheim. Talent on Display

Setters Convention in Anaheim.  Talent on Display

Deep and Talented Setters Group Ready to COMPETE at NTDP

The Winter session of NTDP is normally the most talented and the 2023 Setter position sure is.  I also think the 2027 and 2028 athletes are showing a trend of taller, more athletic floor generals that can play above the net.  These will be so many of the TOP names you will read about as their recruiting timelines heat up and the big schools maneuver for their next Court QB.  But, for this weekend this talented group will all train with and against each other in one extremely talented gym.

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Class of 2028s


Josalyn Samuels: 6’0’ Kairos Elite Setter.  Samuels is no stranger to doing things “above her age” She has already won a state title, set multiple school records, and was named All-State as an 8th grader.  This will be her first NTDP session, but she is used to holding her own with older players so it shouldn’t affect the only 2028 in the group.  Her on-court demeanor and calmness are reminiscent of Malorie Boesiger, Josalyn loves to be challenged and loves to compete anytime she is on the court. 

8th grader Josalyn Samuels sets her sights on a BIG career.

Class of 2027s

Marissa Jones: Setter 6’1” A5 Volleyball.  We previewed Jones a few times last month and for good reason.  Her athleticism may be as good as ANY player at the NTDP.  She dominated at Phenom last week so it will be fun to watch her all-around game in Anaheim

Brynn Stephens- Setter/OH 6’2” TAV.  Stephens is in the frame of Jones with a more polished OH game at 6’2” already she had definite advantages.  At 6’2” Brynn has offensive advantages and of course extra length on the block.  I am interested to see if she gets work on the Pins or if she trains solely as a setter.  Her highlights show an explosive athlete who can terminate when she swings.

Malorie Boesiger: Setter 5’11” Nebraska One.  A self-described “gym rat” and daughter of a coach Boesiger is so fundramentally strong and her court vision is second to none.  She also has the multi-skill game that USA VB preaches in its athletes.  Her calm demeanor helps her in environments like NTDP because she gels quickly with her new attackers.

Malorie Boesiger is already a household name in Nebraska.

Ellery Deboer- 5’10” Setter MN Select.  Deboer is another in this group who took the reigns of her HS team as a Middle Schooler.  Soft hands and excellent footwork are Deboer’s calling cards.  This will be a big season for the ’27 setter as she moves to a new club and will play at the Open Division where she will see many of these Setters regularly.

Ellie Enger:  S/OPP 5’8” Winter Park VB Club.  Enger played for Team Florida last year for the USA VB Select Team.  She is also ranked as a top setter for the class, though one of the shortest in this group.

Sophee Peterson: 5’10” Setter/Opp TAV.  Sophee put up the big number for her HS squad and can play both Setter/OPP for TAV.  Another of this group could see time at multiple positions (Setter and OPP).

Class of 2026s

Isabelle Hoppe: 5’8” Setter Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball.  What she lacks in height Hoppe makes up with excellent technique.  Another “even-keel” setter she is a thinker on the court.  Her hands are soft and she makes it easy for her attackers to do their job.

Mallory Matheny- 5’11” Setter Mintonette Volleyball.   Smooth and fast tempo define Matheny’s technique.  She is also very adept at working in the back row (again a staple of the NTDP).  Mallory has great range and gets too many out-of-system balls keeping them in play and attackable.

Genevieve Harris: 5’11” Setter NC VB Academy.  Another talented setter from North Carolina.  We interviewed Genevieve after her club season last summer.  She already has nearly 1400 career assists for her school team and is not new to the NTDP.  Her name will stay among the top setters in the Class of 2026 right through signing day, especially in the South.

Blair Thiebaud- 6’0” Setter Houston Skyline.  Thiebaud may be the Setter we are most interested in watching.  She stood out at USA Nationals, last July.  Blair followed that effort up with nearly 1200 assists during her HS season.  She plays with emotion on the court and has a long 6’ frame.  Her footwork is a strength and she is confident on the court.  Great to see her on a court with other setters as talented as she is and watch her competitiveness kick in.

B. Thiebaud is a true floor general for her HS and Club teams

Madison Victoriano: 5’8” Setter Dallas Skyline.  Victoriano just does her thing.  She caught my eye, with her coachability, at previous NTDP sessions.  The ’26 prospect just goes out and plays.  Madison does a great job of disguising her sets and has excellent control of the ball in her hands.  The 5’8” athlete does all of the little things well and makes up for the shorter block she provides.  Big club season for Madison as she moves to Skyline for the recruiting year.

Danielle Whitmire: 6’1” Setter/OPP TAV.  An all-around solid game that describes Whitmire.  None of her categories will jump out at you, but as a whole, there is no weakness in her game.  450 assists, 335 digs, and 382 kills during her recent HS season she’s an ideal 6-2 setter/opp and AGAIN that is exactly what international volleyball is all about.  The tallest of the 2026 crew and another TAV athlete she plays vs. the best all the time so NTDP shouldn’t be an issue.

Darren Tipton