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Prospect Report: Triple Crown Friday

Prospect Report: Triple Crown Friday

Prospect Report

What THEY are Saying 

“We really like her, but we think JAYDEN ROBINSON will have everyone talking this weekend.”

“Our #1 to watch this weekend is Sarah Hickman.  True lefty who academics are important too. She’s top of our list right now.”

“Jessica Smallwood is going to shock some people.  She’s legit 6’6” and athletic.”

“People haven’t “made our list” yet.  They are simply on a piece of paper until we see them perform at a high level in person.”

“Excited to see how Ella Grimes performs in this big environment.  Our initial eval of her is very high.”

“We think Taylor Stanley is terribly underrated and so we are interested to see how she performs in this big environment.”

“You have to go see Brooke Harwood in person.  She’s the top 1-2 Middles in this class.”

“Abigail Schoene is a kid that we are getting more interested in.  She performed well at UA Next so we will definitely watch her this weekend.

Darren Tipton