Prospect Report: Saturday at Triple Crown

Prospect Report: Saturday at Triple Crown

Prospect Report

What THEY are Saying and What We Heard Today

“Jayden Robinson (Houston Skyline OH 2026) is moving up this class.

Overlooked because of the team she plays on for sure.  You don’t teach her athleticism

“Finley Krystowiak (WAVE OH 2026) is the best West Coast prospect in 2026 and underrated overall.

“Layla Hoying (Mintonette OH 2026) was a force today.  We like what she does on the court.  Type of kid that you know will be highly sought after.”

“LeVariya Pinder (Dallas Skyline MB 2026) impressed us all three matches today.  She moved up our list.”

“Man, we continue to like Mallory Matheny (Setter Mintonette 2026) and her all-around game.  The kid can play at a big level plain and simple.

“Audrey Flanagan (SCVC OH 2026) was very, very good today.  More physical than she looked on film.

“Lily Rolfes (Setter AZ Storm 2026) was HER today.  More impressed by her than anyone else I watched.  Partner her with Brooke Harwood (AZ Storm MB 2026) and that’s the most lethal of a Setter/Middle combo in 16s right now.”

“Kendall Northern (Elevation MB 2026)… explosive and that athleticism can make up for any mistakes.  Have her a top the MB’s in this class.”

“Sarah Hickman (Houston Jrs OPP 2026) checked many boxes for us today.  She has a high, high ceiling.  With her academics, she is the whole package.”

“Riley Malloy is a top 4 OH in this class.  She’s on any other team and she is the star for sure.  Love to have her.

General Info:

This is the Year of Texas (2026) so much top-end talent from the Lone Star State

Didn’t watch many 2027s, but Malorie Boesiger (Nebraska One Setter) had some very BIG P5s taking in her matches today.

One very high-profile HC was absent today and only saw assistants.

Vandy Asst. Coach Russel Corbelli crushed the “Fit of the Day Award” rocking Vegas Gold Nikes and a slick Vegas Gold puffer vest.

When Henley Anderson played one school had nearly their entire staff watching her (one easy guess).

Was able to catch up with a few of the Top 2025s today.  Great hearing their “recruiting process stories” and will share them little by little with our followers.

Darren Tipton