Preview and Predictions UA NEXT Camp Indy

Preview and Predictions UA NEXT Camp Indy

Loads of High-End Talent Compete in Indy on Thursday

When Mike Lingenfelter and Ziva Blackmon took over the UA All-American Process one thing they stressed was 1 Making the All-Star Rosters about the 24 best VB Players in the USA.  2 Making the tryout process a COMPETITIVE situation and 3 Putting Best vs. Best in a gym together and letting them sort things out on the volleyball court.

Well, when you look at the roster for the Indianapolis UA NEXT Camp they hit a home run.

Easily the deepest To-Be Senior Class assembled at one time.  Big-time prep players heading to big-time college programs all competing for a few Golden Tickets to Orlando.

The “young talent” invited is solid as well.  Quite a few Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois stars are coming together in one gym for two hours of high-level volleyball.

Let’s mention some of the names who have the best shot at GOLD and some of the youngins that have a chance to impress for future years.

IN THE RUNNING (2025’s):


This is a huge group of 2025 bros and thus it may be hard to stick out.  UA already selected 1 (of 4 max) DS/Liberos in Kansas City so I think someone will have to really show out to earn a Golden Ticket (simply because there are so many other big names)
Addison Applegate Libero Texas AM Verbal

Part of a Top 5 2025 Class for the Aggies Applegate has played big in some big moments.  Does she do it again and lead this deep Libero crew?

Aniya Warren Libero Indiana Verbal

We love Warren every time we see her in a gym.  She excelled at the latest NTDP session and did the same at Triple Crown.  Part of an underrated Indiana Hoosier signing class.  She can make some noise in the state where she will play her college ball.

Middle Blockers:  

Interested to see if anyone can really emerge out of this group, as the Dallas Camp should be DEEP in Front Row star power.

Reese Dunkle MB Northwestern Verbal

Excited to see Dunkle for the first time this season.  She ended last year with a great USAV Nationals Tourney and is in her hometown.  She fits that mold of quick athletic middles who can do many things well on the court.

Abby Emch MB Pittsburgh Verbal

The Panthers won a battle for Emch over some traditional powers.  Interested to see if the Infinity standout plays with that reputable Pittsburgh Edge and takes over this position group.

Outside Hitters:

Some of the best in the Midwest will be swinging early and often to impress UA Staff.  Some of our favorite names from the Class of 2025 make up this group.  Standing out here will take a true “All-American Effort”

Logan Bell OH Oregon Vebal
The best attacker in the Circle City, was a Big W for Oregon’s 2025 Class.  Quick, athletic and powerful.  Bell does it all and with flare.
Abbey Hayes OH Creighton Verbal
The Iowa star’s stock exploded at Nationals last July.  She played with and better than some of the top OH’s in the country.  Another 2025 that has a heavy arm, but the 6 rotation game to keep her on the court and making plays from first serve to match point.
Chloe Meester Louisville Verbal

The recruiting trail following the most powerful arm in the class was a literal parade of Top 10 Head Coaches.  Meester may be underrated because of the club she’s with, but make no mistake she was in HIGH-DEMAND by all the big logos last Summer and she definitely stands out on the court.

Madison Quest OH Wisconsin

Best player on the best team in the country counts for a lot.  Quest and her squad just keep on winning.  Similar game to Bell or Hayes, Madison is so graceful to watch on the court.  She committed to her hometown Badgers early in the process.  She’s faced off vs. the tops in this class for years, see if she comes out on top again.

Abigail Mullen OPP USC Verbal

She may not seek the spotlight with a loud personality, but Mullen is a FORCE on any team.  Playing up for Dynasty she is POWER and has the all-around game to succeed in the USA Volleyball gym as well.  She waited and waited before committing to USC.  Mullen can take over a match in ANY GYM and that is the kind of player the All-American staff looks for.

Charlotte Vinson OPP Indiana Verbal

Vinson unsung talent makes up a large part of the Hoosiers strong class.  Prototype of a Big Ten Outside Hitter (smart, athletic and multi-skilled) going to be fun watching her get the chance to show out vs. some bigger names head-to-head.


My goodness, could there be a more competitive position group?  There could easily be 3 All-Americans here when the final rosters are out.

Reese Messer Setter USC Verbal

The multi-sport star is the most athletic Setter around.  Watching her play vs. her age group this year is scary and she physically and mentally dominates.  Pinpoint accuracy and vision to make her an offensive weapon Messer is legit.

Addison Horner Setter Wisconsin Verbal

Loved our interview with Horner last June after she verballed to Wisconsin.  She portrayed leadership and maturity.  Excited to watch how she competes vs. some of the best in the world at her position.

Campbell Flynn Setter Nebraska Verbal

When you are a future Husker Setter that should be a pretty decent indicator of your ability.  Flynn is all of that.  Length, touch, confidence and plays with an edge.  Got a feeling she shows up to battle for a Golden Ticket.


Abigail Mullen OPP USC

Reese Messer Setter USC

Chloe Meester OH Louisvill

Aniya Warren Libero Indiana

Campbell Flynn Setter Nebraska

Madison Quest OH Wisconsin

Our Predictions:

Golden Tickets (3)  

Think this will end up being a camp that gets 6-8 total invites, but there won’t be more than three given on Thursday.  Any of these could flip, depending on how they perform with and against each other and their attitude and energy in the gym

1.  Abigail Mullen OPP USC We have Mullen as the #1 or #2 in the entire class so think she may dominate in Indy.

2.  Reese Messer Setter USC  Messer has DOMINATED at her age level so far this club season.  She is athletic, plays on with a very even demeanor on the court and players are loose around her.  Don’t let that kid you Reese is a competitor and we think could be the #1 Setter in the Class.

3.  Chloe Meester OH Louisville. This may be a surprise as we know Chloe wasn’t highly ranked nationally by others, but we still can’t get USA Nationals out of our minds last July and all the Top 10 attention this kid gathered.  In the UA gym, there are no club names or athlete names on the jerseys, only #s.  Just think that Meester will open quite a few eyes with her raw power.

**Now knowing all the talent coming to Dallas, in April, the staff may wait and see how she compares to them, but she has a shot at a ticket for sure.

MVP Contention:

Hard to deny any of these three.  They should be in the running for MVP at camp and think they all make Orlando eventually….maybe just not Thursday.

Aniya Warren Libero.  If the Setter spot wasn’t so deep we think Warren gets in.  Again she has simply impressed in every gym we have seen her in and does it with an ENERGY we know the UA Staff loves.

Campbell Flynn Setter. Probably a coin toss with her and Messer.

Madison Quest OH  Again it’s going to be fun to see what she does as an individual, apart from her talented club team.

Young Pups That Could Make a Name:

Ella Grimes DS/Libero 2026

We only saw Ella on a limited basis at NTDP, but know there is P5 interest in the talented libero.  Curious to see her communication in this gym, as she tends to be a little more reserved on the court at times.  Communication and positive energy is highly valued by the UA Selection Team

Teagn Pocius MB/OPP Rockwood Thunder

this multi-position player flies under the national radar, but gets results.  These are situations where a kid like this can impress coaches.

Reese Resmer MB Boiler Jrs

Another one of the many talented MB’s in the Class of 2026.  Going to be quite a bit of talent at the net in Indy.  Resmer is one of a 4-5 that have the ability to really stand out!

Elli Strecker MB Team Indiana.

Admittedly we have only watched Strecker a couple of times, but she fits the mold of MB at this event.  I think she, Resmer, and Pocius play a similar game.  Going to be fun to see them all in the same drills at the same time with the same supporting cast.

Kayla Nwabueze MB Legacy Volleyball.  

She made our Super 30 for a reason.  She is dynamic, athletic, and aggressive.  This is someone who needs to come out and show aggressiveness on both ends.  Her ability is there, she needs to show the energy and make a statement.

Gabby DiVita OH Legacy Volleyball.

We have talked at length about DiVita.  She can stand out in any gym.  Excited to see how she competes in more of an individual setting.

Elle Schara OH 1st Alliance.

We just previewed her in our Battleground States article.  Definitely a kid we can’t wait to see how she responds in this gym full of stars.  She needs to defend her home gym:)

Jessica Smallwood OH KIVA

Another one of our Super 30 Smallwood is becoming a very popular name with college coaches.  Think you may see her diversity in this gym and she always has the energy.  Again another kid that will benefit from no Club Name or Last Names on jerseys.  She will catch some attention.

Lexi Shondell Setter Boiler Jrs.

She has played in big matches her entire career.  Going to be fun to watch her adapt to hitters and vice versa.  Also, fun to watch her communication with new teammates.

Kenlee Barnard Setter Circle City

Another one that has played in the big matches.  She has traveled all over to different camps and settings so new teammates won’t bother her.

Eva Long Setter Legacy

She is the Captain of a team full of ballers so this setting won’t bother her.  Excited to focus on her skills a bit more than we have and just see how she interacts with different players in a new environment.

Isabelle Hoppe Setter Academy Volleyball Club

Cool, calm and calculated on the court Hoppe always flies under the radar.  Isabelle should ‘Hoppe” right in and take charge with her hitters during drill time.  She is right in the mix with the other Setters in this class and camp.

2027s to think about……

Ellery DeBoer Setter MN Select

Kendall Hubbard Setter Elevation

Caroline Herbert Setter Adversity Volleyball

Callie Gibson OH Munciana

Kate Kalczynski OH Legacy

Hayden Mandsager OH REV

Caroline Ward OPP Boiler Jrs

Ali Strange Libero Elevation

Underclassmen MVP Winners:

This is an environment perfect for Gabby DiVita’s personality.  You have to step up and stand out from the other 100+ stars in the gym.  DiVita can do that.
Kayla Nwabueze.  She is the most athletic and physically dominant of any MB attending.  If she can play with high energy and body language she has what it takes to earn an MVP hoodie.

Darren Tipton