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First Ever ALL-ADRENALINE Teams from Triple Crown

First Ever ALL-ADRENALINE Teams from Triple Crown

All-Adrenaline Team Triple Crown NIT Edition


Captain: For this team 

Mallory Matheny 5’11 Setter Mintonette m.61 

To earn “The C Patch” on this squad you have to be a great teammate, a leader, someone who goes all-out ALL THE TIME and you have to be a WINNER.  That was Matheny.  A leader on the court who makes everyone around her better, whether it’s in a 5-1 or 6-2. She can see the opponent's block and runs a quick offense, always setting her hitters up for success. The loudest player on her team and brings the energy to cheering on her teammates 

Brooke Harwood 6’4 Middle Blocker Arizona Storm 16 Thunder 

One of the top middles in this class with a nasty slide attack. Brooke stands out with her height and her range as an MB. With her high contact point, she can get on top of the ball quickly and put it down right in front of her competition. Not only does she excel on the offense, but her defense as a blocker stands out as well. With her quick adjustments to closing the block, Brooke shuts down her opponents at a very high level. 

Elena Hoecke 6’3 Middle Blocker MN Select 16-1

The ability to carry your team and to over-achieve we love athletes that “Prove It” on the court.  Hoecke did that in KC and took a team of unknowns and battled for three days in the Power Pools.  This middle may have one of the quickest arm swings I have ever seen. With her height and reach, she can swing faster than the block and put the ball down. Her energy and motivation are shown after each kill which makes her a key leader for this team. A standout attacker for MN Select. 

Madi Crnjac 5’11 Outside Hitter Arizona Storm 16 Thunder

We like those athletes that play with a bit of “chip on their shoulder” and undersized OH’s usually play that way if they are going D1.  A true six-rotation outside hitter who can pass and play defense at a high level. Her high volleyball IQ allows her to see the block and defense. A  crafty outside hitter who can attack the block and she elevates well for her size. 

Taylor Clarke 6’1 Opposite Hitter Dallas Skyline16 Royal 

We also need that “Go To Down The Stretch” baller.  Taylor was that in KX.  Led her team to a top-ten finish this weekend with her physicality at the net and her ability to terminate from the right side. Taylor has a powerful arm swing and elevates at a high level to give her all the options on offense. A dynamic lefty right side hitter, who can take over matches and impact the game from offense and defense.  

Sidney Burley 5’9” Libero for MN Select

To be the ‘Bro for this squad you better communicate and you better be FEARLESS.  That is Sidney.  She hates to lose and she wants “Every single ball, especially vs. the best attackers”.  The energy and fight this girl brings to the court is unmatched. The height she puts under the ball allows her setter to run a great offense. Sidney reads the court and the opponents so well which allows her to pick up every ball. She makes the hitters mad because they cannot put a ball down around her. 

Second Team


Alia Schoonover 6’0 Middle Blocker Mintonette m.61

Gritty players that don’t back down, that’s the All-Adrenaline Way.  Schoonver just kept performing and battling vs. taller and more recognized MB’s all weekend.  That earns Alia “The C Patch” for our Second Team.

Placing second at NIT this weekend in the 16s division, Alia stood out for this Mintonette team. Her range of attacks and different plays she ran led this team to the championship. Her dynamic approach and quickness on the court makes her stand out as a leader. Not only was her offense insane, but when she went back row for one rotation, her coverage and defense were elite. Alia was everywhere and covered all of her hitters at an extremely high level. 

Ella Andrews 6’4 Middle Blocker Legacy 16-1

We love Winners and stars that play like stars under the bright lights and that is what lands Andrews on the team.

This girl led her team to a championship win in the Triple Crown. A dynamic, quick, and powerful athlete that is hard to stop. Her range as a Middle Blocker is extremely high and her placement of the ball is amazing. The work she puts in to be ready for her setter leads her team and allows her to be a dynamic athlete for this team. 

Layla Austin 5’10 Outside Hitter TAV 16 Black

What did we say earlier about undersized OH’s who play with a “chip”.  Here is another shorter outside hitter who has a whip of an arm to beat the defense and she was able to tool the block all weekend with the power behind her swing. She excels in high-pressure situations and takes her game to another level, a great competitor and that will make All-Adrenaline every time.

Sarah Hickman 6’5 Opposite Hitter Houston Juniors 16 Elite

Just like VBAdrenaline, we need players who are opening their eyes and earning respect every week.  Plus who can’t use a 6’5” OPP.  Hickman just keeps getting better and after a poor pre-tourney seeding the soft-spoken OPP exclaimed “We will just have to go undefeated on Day 1 and earn our way to the big gym, they did just that.  The  left-handed right side with great court vision, who has all the shots and elevates to hit over the block. A go-to player for her team and she thrives under the pressure. One of the biggest blockers we saw at the tournament, Sarah is a shutdown blocker and a problem at the net for her opponents. 

Eva Long 5’10 Setter Legacy 16-1 

We love leaders and a player who is a BOSS on the court.  With all the weapons on the “Nation’s Best 16 U Team,” you need a LEADER to run that show.  Eva runs one of the best offenses in the country, she is consistent in her ball placement and has a great feel for the game. At only 5’10, she is an offensive threat at the net and isn’t afraid to be aggressive for her team. Eva works hard to get her feet to the ball and is efficient in setting against the flow, a setter no middle blocker wants to face. 

Jenna Thedford 5’8 Libero Houston Skyline 16 Royal 

-If you are going to be part of the Adrenaline Squad you have to be ok not being in the spotlight and grinding for everything you get, earning the respect of others with your actions.  Thedford is a great example of this on a team of stars, this bro covers the court like no other. Her confidence in serve-receive allows her to put up a great ball for the offense. The communication she has with her teammates puts her as the leader of the back row. Her grittiness on defense grows her range as she is getting almost every ball up. The passion she puts behind her position allows her to be one of the best bros in the class of 2026.

Darren Tipton