Early 2027s Prospect Profile PPV Evaluations: Part Two

Early 2027s Prospect Profile PPV Evaluations: Part Two

Class of 2027 PPV Evaluations:

Part Two

Ellery Deboer PPV 274

Setter Minnesota Select

Deboer is the starting setter for a dominant MN Select 16-1’s team, even playing up an age group she shows leadership and maturity on the court with the ability to feed her middles off the net. She is solid in back court defense and knows when to attack at the net, with a great feel for the game she is able to keep the offense in system on the run and is consistent with her movements to keep the blockers guessing.

Brynn Stephens PPV 273

Setter/Outside TAV

Stephens is a rare athlete who is solid in both attacking and setting, with the option to use her in both positions, she impacts the game tremendously. Standing at 6’2, she is an all around athlete who can defend at a high level and dish out consistent sets to her attackers. As an outside hitter, she has strong court IQ to find the open area and is lethal when she gets on top of the ball.

Reagan Walraff PPV 249

Outside Hitter Nebraska Premier

An efficient prospect in the middle and on the outside pin, Walraff is reliable as a backcourt attacker out of system and shows high levels of ball control in serve receive. She has a fast arm swing that often beats the defense, as a technical attacker she is able to manipulate her wrist to attack some sharp angles on the outside.

Nejari Crooks PPV 230

Setter/Opposite Hitter Triad Elite

Another versatile athlete in this class who has developed as a go-to attacker on the right side pin and rotates around to become a backcourt setter, at 6’1 she can jump out of the gym and attack above the block to swing high hands. Almost unstoppable from behind the setter with a left handed attack that allows her to be deceptive to the blockers and has strong hands at the setter position to set against the flow, while showing off her ball control in serve receive a little bit as well.

Mia Ray PPV 192

Outside Hitter A5

Named a three-time AAU All-American and a handful of high school awards, Ray has fast footwork to get on top of the ball quickly and finishes off her attack with a powerful arm swing. Ray shows her versatility on the court by attacking the blockers seam and off speed shots, she has proven herself as a dominant attacker who can take over a game and utilizes her physicality to be difficult to stop in transition.

Isabella Lopez PPV 158

Opposite Hitter Tribe

A lengthy left-handed attacker on the right side that can terminate out of system, Lopez is a blocking force at the net with disciplined hands to shut down outside attackers and is patient when setting up the block. She is dynamic with her approach to attack sharp angles and move the ball down the line, paired with aggressiveness at the net to attack blockers hands.

Samantha Campion