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Early 2027s Prospect Profle PPV Evaluations: Part One

Early 2027s Prospect Profle PPV Evaluations: Part One

Early Class of 2027 PPV Evaluations:

Part One

With so many 2026s committing early this year, nationals had a different feel for college coaches. There seems to be an extra buzz in the air with a very talented and competitive group of 2027s heading to town to essentially begin their recruiting process. Here is a sneak peak at some of the top in the class that have player profiles on our site and initial PPVs.

Olivia Henry PPV 300 - Outside Hitter All-Star Empire

Henry is making a name for herself across the country as a 6’4 outside hitter, showing her potential playing up a year with 16s, with her natural physicality and raw athleticism. She is  elevates well above the block on her approach and generates immense power behind her arm swing, Henry has all the physical tools and experience to be ranked as the #1 recruit in the class of 2027.

Marissa Jones PPV 299 - Setter A5

Jones is the complete all around QB1 for this A5 team with all the intangibles, she is a leader on the court that values the connection with her hitters and has high knowledge of the game to run an efficient offense. From the physical side she is impressive, a lengthy setter with a clean release for accurate location and who is aggressive at the net, often calling on her own number to score.

Malorie Boesiger PPV 265 - Setter Nebraska One

Another prospect that is challenging herself with playing up two age groups, Boesiger has been an instrumental part of her team with her commanding presence on the court and ability to distribute the ball consistently to her attackers. She is patient with her hands and finishes to delay the blockers while affecting the game from behind the serve line as well.

Asia Udo-Ema PPV 249 - Outside Hitter Forza One North

Part of a dominant 2027 class out of California, ranked as the #4 prospect, Udo-Ema is a playmaker at the net who can tool off high hands and unload on the ball when she gets the opportunity. Her all around game continues to grow as she moves the ball around on offense to find the open court and has solid vision at the net as a blocker to slow down opposing attackers.

Gemma Hopkins PPV 220 - Libero Houston Juniors

Hopkins is one of the best in the libero position who is quick on their feet to make athletic moves and positions herself to cover a lot of court and take responsibility from other players. She is a technical libero who has a solid platform to control hard driven attacks or make a last minute one handed touch, leads with communication and defensive pursuit in the back court.

Samantha Campion