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Deep Houston Skyline 15s lead list of Thursday Eye Catchers in Chicago

Deep Houston Skyline 15s lead list of Thursday Eye Catchers in Chicago

Talent everywhere. A great way to describe the action during Thursday action at USA Nationals. Players on every court playing at a high level, but here were a few that caught our eye.......

Halle Thompson dominates from anywhere on the court.

Houston Skyline 15s: Wow this team doesn't look like 2026's. Athleticism, height and power all over the place.

  • Halle Thompson: 6'0" OH has to be one of the top prospect in the entire class. Energy, athleticism and power. She does it from everywhere and with excitement. A highlight reel waiting to happen. So excited to watch her going forward.
  • Jayden Robinson at 6'2" and Reese Ellen at 6'0" are other options on the outside for Skyline. Height and length that can score with Thompson. Any of the three would be #1 options on most teams in the country and share the reps well.
  • Taylor Johnson 6'1" and Lacy Tinnell 6'4" provide a nice contrast in the middle. Johnson explodes and is quick on the block. Tinnell with her height and length closes alot of angles/shots for the opponents.
  • Blair Theobold: 5'11" Setter is the key to feeding all of the offensive weapons. Soft hands and range she is comfortable all over the court.

There were many other high impact players competing in the 15s division that will be making coach radars soon. Here are a few of them......

  • Haley Wilson #4 AVCA: Love what the versatile Wilson does for her squad. Aggressive at the service line and takes gets it done in the back row along with her front row skills.

Isabella Umpierre: RS Winter Park Volleyball Club. Umpierre excels on the offensive end. Power arm and a variety of shots already. She battles, just like her squad who may be undersized at times, but battle and do many little things well.

Paighton Erb: MB Premier Nebraska. Erb is another one of those quick, long MB's that get places quickly on the court. Great on the block with and runs a smooth slide attack.

More names and notes tomorrow as we catch up a little bit with recruiting and keep finding more amazing 2026s to talk with.

Darren Tipton