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Decision '26: What they are getting with Crosson, Schoonover, and West

Decision '26: What they are getting with Crosson, Schoonover, and West

Decision ‘26:

What are they getting in Crosson, Schoonover, and West  

Three of the top prospects took their time with college recruiting to focus on Nationals and waited to announce their verbal commitments. Here we break down what each player brings to the next level and what stands out about their game.

Addison West Outside Hitter Premier Nebraska - University of North Carolina, Tar Heels

West will be taking her talents to compete in the ACC for the Tar Heels, a dynamic pin hitter that moves the ball around on offense and is able to manipulate her shoulders to be deceptive in her attack. She is a player that can do it all, attacking out of the back row efficiently paired with high level of ball control skills and a fast approach to beat the opposing defense. Named the number one recruit in the class of 2027 out of Nebraska for her success at the club and high school level, West is a strong pickup for UNC and will make an immediate impact when she arrives.

Makenna Crosson Outside Hitter Vision - University of Minnesota, Gophers

This is a recruiting victory for the Minnesota Gophers, as one of the top outside attackers in the country Crosson will immediately elevate the level of play in the gym. Her physicality at the outside position and versatility as an attacker make her difficult to stop, reaching high to attack inside the block or using her vision to score through the seam. Crosson has defined herself on the national stage as a six rotation outside that is efficient in all skills, she has all the tools and endless potential to be dominant at the next level in a Minnesota Jersey.

Alia Schoonover Middle Blocker Mintonette - Ohio State University, Buckeyes  

Potentially one of the most awaited commitments from the three-time AAU National Champions Mintonette squad, Schoonover will join her club teammate as a Buckeye to compete in the big time for their home state. Schoonover impacts the game both offensively and defensively, at the net she takes up space with disciplined hands and reads the hitter to make a last minute drop inside. Her strongest attack is behind the setter when she has time to see the block develop and uses her high contact point to get on top of the ball with a powerful arm. The Buckeyes have a fiery middle blocker coming to town that works hard in transition to be an offensive option and is a force in front of the setter with smart placement, carrying a large offensive load that will continue into the college game.

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