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Bria Dawson takes her game to Texas to participate in college camp

Bria Dawson takes her game to Texas to participate in college camp

Bria Dawson maybe late to starting volleyball, but the Class of 25 MB is making up for that in big ways and has fallen in love with the sport. This week she traveled to Dallas to participate in the Drive Nation's College Coaches Camp. "It was a great opportunity to be seen by a lot of colleges in one visit" said the 6'0" Jr. from Olathe, KS. "There were so many talented girls the camp was very competitive." Dawson was a late starter to the sport and played multiple sports growing up, but has fallen in love with volleyball. "Once I decided on volleyball and started having success with it I just wanted to play it all the time. I love talking about it on social media because I just want everyone to love volleyball the way I do."

Bria was honest that nerves were a factor early on at Drive Nation. "To be honest I was very nervous and before I went on the court I had to go in the bathroom and look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk and say "You can do this". It was intimidating right away not knowing anyone, but I met some other girls that  alone and we got to know each other. Once the camp started it was fine and everyone was very friendly and helped each other out."

The volleyball went great and she got to meet quite a few coaches. Dawson has an amazing attitude and perspective when it comes to her volleyball future and is "calm" about how things will all play out in her "process". "I know June 15th is just the start of the process it doesn't all happen then. For me personally of course I'm a bit nervous, but knowing that no matter or who is asking you I still love volleyball and it will work out."

Bria is quick to acknowledge how tough volleyball is in her home area. "There are so many girls here that are great. I know I have to work harder than them now because I did start later. I love the competition down here because you know you have to play harder every day to try and beat them."

Accolades are starting to come Dawson's way. One of the last tourneys of her club season she was acknowledged by a Prep Dig writer stating that you could notice how big of strides the athletic MB has made this year. "Yeah that showed me that all my hard work is paying off. I didn't take a lot of days off this past year. Everyday I was doing something volleyball. I know I'm getting better and like I said this is what I want to do and this is what I love to do."

The trip to Texas was a success and regardless when her first offer comes, you know that this Class of '25 will keep working on her game and doing it with an amazing attitude.

Darren Tipton