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Boesiger Squared: Top 2027 Malorie has the talent, worth-ethic and also has the family that will help all along her journey

Boesiger Squared: Top 2027 Malorie has the talent, worth-ethic and also has the family that will help all along her journey

Malorie Boesiger is one of the nation’s top 2027 prospects.  The Flirth, NE native lives in the gym.  “I’ve always been in the gym since my mom was coaching, it’s where I’m the happiest”.  Volleyball success is nothing new for Malories’ family.  Her mother Christina (also HC at Norris HS) is a 2014 inductee into the Nebraska Wesleyan Hall of Fame and has over 500 wins as a head coach.  Her older sister Maisie is a sophomore on the #1 Ranked University of Nebraska volleyball team, but she’s also Malorie’s biggest fan.  “I just love watching Mal play volleyball!  The time she puts in and her passion for the game make me happy.”

Malorie Boesiger shines at 2023 Summer NTDP Series

There aren’t many training opportunities that the younger Boesiger misses.  “I want to go to everything and it’s tough to say NO to invites and camps.”  Both mom and Maisie agree that Malories even demeanor on the court and unflappable fundamentals come from her hard work and her study habits.  “Mal is always watching volleyball on tv and learning.  When she’s not in the gym or at a tournament she has volleyball on 24/7.”  The 2027 NE Premier Setter would agree.  “It helps I love watching volleyball.  I’m always trying to learn from what I’m watching.  Technique, new footwork, etc.  What are the best doing and how can I get better.”

“The Process” for the youngest Boesiger will be different from most, as she has the aide of a mother and an older sister who have both witnessed the recruiting game at the highest level.  “Just enjoy the short window we have.  We are a close family and we have always been around volleyball so we kind of use Malories opportunities as family vacations right now and enjoy them as much as we can.” Christina responded when asked about the pressures of time management and knowing when Malorie needs to say no to invites, camps and extra training.

Maisie Boesiger was a standout Prep Star in Nebraska and now plays for the Huskers.

But, it’s her bond with her sister that really helps.  Malorie has watched Maisie’s journey and transition from Setter to a new DS position with the Huskers.  She has also watched her sister get to experience a dream for 1000s of young Nebraska girls (playing for Nebraska).  Her relationship with her older sister helps Malorie work hard for the volleyball gifts she has.  “It really does push me to see the places my sister has gone with volleyball and I want to train, work hard and have that chance to play at a Premier Program down the road.”

Sisters, Friends, Fans.....Malorie and Maisie Boesiger on a "Volleyball Family Vacation"

And you can bet that Power 5 Coaches (Big Ten especially) have noticed this talented 2027.  Common phrases about the youngest Boesiger……”High VB IQ, Floor General always in control of her emotions on the court, impeccable fundamentals, and A WINNER.”  All of the attention doesn’t phase the superstar one bit.  She loves volleyball and loves her volleyball family.  You almost get the feeling that she is just as happy attending one of her sister’s Big Ten matches as she is playing her own.   The gym is her happy place and knowing she has a big sister that is her biggest fan and will help through ‘her process’ seems like a great recipe for Malorie.  She plays and gets better and knows she get great advice from loved ones when the time comes.

Darren Tipton