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The Prospect Report: Recruiting News Day 3 of Nationasl

The Prospect Report: Recruiting News Day 3 of Nationasl

The Prospect Report: Recruiting Rumblings from USA Nationals Days 3

Bryah Breaux controls the recruiting world right now.  Crazy how things work in the world of recruiting.  At times this season, 6’6” OPP Bryah Breaux never even saw the court for her Metro DC volleyball team and now she is hands down thee most sought after recruit in the country.  All of the original programs chasing Breaux are still in the mix and now you add in programs that missed on one of their first options jumping in late to try and grab the raw, but gifted Metro star.  

“Yes she is a project, but she is consistently getting her chin above the tape today.  That is a kid you want in your program.” said a bystander this afternoon.  Attention does not look to slow down soon for the prospect, but look for her name to remain the most targeted until she commits.

Talented Californian looks to do the “rare” at next level.  If you watch Cydnee Bryant of Pipeline Volleyball on the court you see a physical force who has the skill to play at the P4 level no doubt.  If you wonder why you may not have heard more about her on the national stage, it’s because volleyball is her 2nd sport.  Bryant is also a major D1 basketball prospect with plenty of attention.  The word is that she wants to attempt to try and pull off one of the most difficult feats in athletics; playing two major D1 sports.  She does have interest from a few programs so it will be interesting to see if this plays out, but the skill is there for sure.

Is Kendall Northern the Poster Child for “Doing it Right”?

Caught up with Elevation Middle Blocker Kendall Northern today and it was a refreshing talk.  “I’ve had offers and I attended two camps before June 15th.  Academics are still the priority for me so I’m going to attend more camps in July.”  When I asked if she might commit soon after that she said “Well my body needs a break so my family is taking a week's vacation first.  Then I will go to camps and then NTDP.  So then I will do visits in August.  So I would look for a decision after I take my three visits in August.”

Sounds like a dream for many families to be able to take your time and actually map out 5-7 free days together to take a break.  Enjoy Kendall and we will definitely wait for your decision.

Catching up with the best in the class:  Had five minutes to catch up with Henlee Anderson and just talk about several things.  First off what a humble and polite super star.  I have enjoyed each time we have talked and she does so much better off the camera, but she will grow into that role soon enough.  She talked to me about her schedule the rest of the summer.  “I get home from Nationals on the 7th and I’m gone for Team USA U19 from July 8th-20th.  When we get home from that, I have things with my HS team and NTDP in Anaheim July 28-31st.”

It was great meeting the LSU staff today and talking yesterday about the impressive 2026 class the Tigers are assembling.  

PPV Bumps:  Here are some of the athletes that received increases to their overall PPV from evaluation this week at Nationa

Bryah Breaux-OPP-218 PPV

Riley Malloy-OH-USC Verbal-229 PPV 

Finley Krystowiak-OH-Penn State Verbal- 220 PPV 

Cadence Doolan-OH-Marquette Verbal-132 PPV 

Addison West-OH-North Carolina Verbal-110 PPV

Trinity Thompson-Libero-PItt Verbal-126 PPV

Darren Tipton