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The PROSPECT REPORT January 24th

The PROSPECT REPORT January 24th


The word on the street from those in the know......Pre-Triple Crown Edition

“Living Up to The Hype”- Halle Thompson and Henley Anderson.  “I would also add Ayanna Watson to that list for us”

On the Underrated side, I would throw teammates Blair Thiebaud (Setter) and Jayden Robinson (OH) for Houston Skyline

Lola Sageer- 6’1” OH/MB New York VolleyFX

" We think she is way under the radar and will be talked about much more as the club season goes on."

“I think you guys nailed your NTDP standouts report… name I think you need to add is Ireland Real (2027 WAVE Volleyball) she trains so hard and is as solid as about anyone.”  We listened see this week’s interview

“I think this class has some serious depth and talent at MB.  Lacy Tinnell (Houston Skyline) is a great example of that, we like her game.”

Levariya Pinder Skyline 16s OH May not get all the looks she deserves based on height, but she can fly and think her game translates to P5 player.

Brooklyn Bailey- MB/OPP TAV 16 "Slightly undersized, but a high riser with all the physical skills.  You are going to love watching her.  She plays big in big matches, which is important to us."

Amirra Bailey- 6’4” MB Bravo VB Club Bowling Green, Kentucky "Watch out for her she will blow up.  She is a very good MB (could be the surprise of the class) she played at a smaller club before and this is her first year in larger tourneys, she will be the fast climber in that position group." 

Talking Setters: “When you look at Blair Theibaud (’26 Houston Skyline) I think you have a fundamentally sound, textbook Setter who plays with with one of the best clubs in the country.  Think schools know exactly what they are getting.”

"Mallory Matheny ('26 Setter Mintonette Sports) is just so smooth. Like her blend of technique and her imagination on the court. Maybe as high of a Court IQ as anyone"

Genevieve Harris (’26 North Carolina is our #1 at the position. We love that she is daring and takes some chances playing the position.  She is great at reversing the flow of the offense and sets long-distance a lot”

General Comments:

“It’s been a while since there has been a group of Middles this deep, 2026 great year for them.”

“Interested in watching some of the under-sized OH’s in this class.  Will they have the same big-time impact they had in their 15 Open season?”

Darren Tipton