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The 2022 Transfer Portal By The Numbers

The 2022 Transfer Portal By The Numbers

The Transfer Portal window is almost here.

As we approach the Transfer Portal window, which starts tomorrow morning, look back at one of the most memorable Transfer Windows last year, including Mac Podraza, Jess Mruzik going to Penn State, and Merritt Beason joining Nebraska. 

432 players from all levels of college volleyball changed schools last year. This could be from D3 up to D1. In which 79 made the move from a lower level to D1. 78 moved from D1 down to a lower school, and 179 moved from a non-D1 school to another level that wasn’t D1. That means 96 players moved within D1 athletics. 

Fifty-nine girls moved to their third school, and one even moved to her fourth. 

Arizona State led the country with nine girls transferring out of the program while bringing in four. They turned that into an NCAA Tournament bid this year. So, teams can be successful with portal use. 

Missouri added six transfers, which led all Power Five schools. They also made the tournament this year. 

The Big Ten teams added 32 transfers, including the names above, Carter Booth and Kylie Murr, most of which were interconference transfers. Six of the biggest transfers in the conference, including Booth, Murr, Padraza, and Mruzik, came from other Big Ten schools. 

It was a crazy year, where the transfer portal was used more due to new NCAA rules that allowed players to transfer without sitting out a year. 

This year will be even crazier, and we will post coverage throughout the next few months as top players find their new teams. 

Zachary Tipton