The Week Ahead

Welcome back to another "The Week Ahead" as we discuss some big time match ups!

Miller vs. Wolsey Wessington

"Revenge match" comes to mind when we think of this match-up. Miller beat Wolsey-Wessington in late September and since then, the Warbirds, who currently sit as the 7th seed, have lost only one match which was to Warner. Miller's two losses came at the hands of Warner. Wolsey-Wessington will have to use their height advantage and establish their blocking as a threat to the shorter Miller Rustlers. Warbird Mya Boomsma is a proven power hitter and with other weapons at the net, Miller will have to concentrate on trying to contain several hitters. Miller's quickness and tenacious attitude have been two of the Rustler's biggest assets. Their scrappy defense keeps them in matches and frustrates their opponents night in and night out, while their offensive balance allows for an unpredictable attack. If they are in-system, their hitting percentage is high. This should be a tight match and hard to predict who will win.

Huron vs. Pierre

This match has an old-fashioned rivalry feel to it. Two weeks ago in Pierre, the Huron Tigers won the first two sets before Pierre gained their composure and pulled off a "reverse sweep," winning the fifth set 18-16. The Tigers will be that much more motivated and playing on their home court in the Huron Arena will definitely make it difficult for the Lady Govs. With the post-season on the brink, this match could be definitive in the seed points (currently, Pierre is 6th and Huron is 7th) which will ultimately determine their SODAK 16 opponents. Ayvrie Kaiser, Pierre's stand-out outside hitter and Brynn Gose, Huron's star outside hitter, will neutralize each other. This means the match will come down to which team can make the big defensive plays at the right time. The liberos on both sides of the net, Remington Price for the Lady Govs and Bryn Huber for the Tigers, will both play factors in making the game changing digs. Ultimately, this match will come down to which team can make the least amount of unforced errors and which team can establish an advantage at the net.

Sioux Falls Lincoln vs. O'Gorman

Sioux Falls Lincoln has been fueling up to play this game. Kate Tirrel, 1st year head coach for Sioux Falls Lincoln expresses how much passion her team has for this sport. This season they have been trusting the process as they begin to get in the grove of things and compete at a high level. Learning how good of a team they are practice by practice and game by game. The big focus for them this game will be making sure their blocking game is on as OG's offensive is smart, fast and aggressive. O'Gorman has claimed their throne back as the #1 spot on our power poll. Not only are we impressed with how talented of a team they are, but how aggressive each of their players are. Their starting line up shows duel threats and are fearless. Cale Hecht, 2nd year head coach for the Knights knows how much his team wants to win. He talked with us about how much work his team puts in even when practice is done, whether that's watching film on their own or scouting other teams. They want to end this season with the trophy in their hands.

Sioux Falls Christian vs. Harrisburg

Sioux Falls Christian has continued to amaze us with their level of play and how cohesive their team is. They are defensive minded and don't let a lot hit the floor. On the offensive side they execute well and are very good at winning big time rallies. We've said this before, but Addison Barber does a great job of reading the other side of the net setting her attackers up for successes.. Ellie Lems (SFC Middle) also mentioned how Lavin Maddox (libero) does a great job of telling her attackers what's open on the other side of the net. Harrisburg has a younger, but very smart team. They tend to get a lot of first ball side outs, which helps them continue to keep the energy on their side. Harrisburg also does a great job of hitting perimeter shots, which is hard to defend. The match up of these teams are very different and similar which will make it a fun battle between these two ranked teams.

Sioux Falls Washington vs. O'Gorman

Two teams that have continued to battle back and fourth for the one spot final meet Oct. 21st. Both these teams have competitive liberos (Gabby Jones-OG and Taryn Kirsch SFW) who hardly let anything drop on their side of the floor. On the offensive side both teams have all around big time threats, who can put the ball away at a high rate. O'Gorman has continued to gain momentum after going 6-0 in the Western Christian tournament two weekends ago. Will they continue to keep this hot streak going or will the talented Washington Warriors put a stop to it? Tune in on on Friday night to find out! It's guaranteed to be entertaining!

What we learned from last week: As we get closer to the State Tournament teams have started to turn it up a notch. Games are getting more competitive and everyone is playing their best volleyball.

One thing we are looking forward to: THE GRIND. As the season comes to an end every game is crucial. Who will be playing in the final matches on Saturday, November 19th?

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