The Week Ahead

Welcome back to The Week Ahead for September 26th-October 3rd. Before we discuss upcoming content for this week and the different match ups we have, lets take a look at what went on at the Pentagon this past Saturday.

The blue bracket (Chester Area, Dakota Valley, O’Gorman, Huron, Northwestern, Western Christian, Brandon Valley, Tea Area, and Warner) was a fun one to watch. The competitiveness was at its highest peak and athletes really started to shine. Western Christian walked away winning this bracket beating Dakota Valley in the championship. The orange bracket (Colman-Egan, Parkston, Elkton-Lake Benton, Dell Rapids, Hamlin, Oldham-Ramona Rutland, Oak Grove Lutheran, Platte Geddes and Rapid City Christian) was won by Elkton-Lake Benton that went undefeated this past weekend. Elkton-Lake Benton has been a team that we will continuously bring up as they know how to play as one and do a great job of competing at a high level.

Moving onto this weeks match ups for Tuesday we have Harrisburg vs. Sioux Falls Roosevelt. Harrisburg was a team we talked about a lot and was ranked #2 in our power poll for about three weeks before getting bumped off. Their outside attackers Kaelyn Snoozy and Gabi Zachariasen both have solid arms who play very experienced. The middles for Harrisburg are small but mighty. We love the grit and determination both Kara Leach and Sierra Stiff have in the front row. Sioux Falls Roosevelt is the talk of Class AA volleyball right now. Coming off a high from last week after beating O'Gorman Knights in five sets and becoming ranked #5 in our power poll. A couple of players that have been standing out to us would be setter Kate Wiebesiek who is the heart of this team. She brings the energy and has been doing an exponential job of getting her attackers open looks on the floor. The two middles Avery Goebel and Eliza Bauers are hard to get past. Both coming in at over 6'0 and don't usually miss their blocking assignments. Lastly, their go to attacker Zoie Husman has been coming in big for Sioux Falls Roosevelt.

The second game we wanted to cover for Tuesday night is Sioux Falls Christian vs. Western Christian. Sioux Falls Christian was the talk of last week's podcasts after officially earning the #1 spot in our power poll. They have been playing with lots of energy and playing as one this entire season so far. A couple things I want to point out about this team: 1. They are going to be extremely tough to stop if they continue to use their middles early. Both Ellie and Taylor are extremely athletic and versatile for SFC. 2. Their outsides are defensive minded and can change the rhythm of the game with just one play. 3. Addison Barber has great vision of the other side of the net which allows her to set her attackers accordingly. Their opponents Western Christian is a team Sioux Falls Christian sees often. This team is experienced and is coming off a high from this past Saturday after winning the blue bracket at the Pentagon.

Thursday night's game keep a look out for Colman-Egan vs. Castlewood. Colman-Egan has been a team that has been on our radar for quite awhile, just hasn't made that leap into our power poll for this week. We are continuing to be impressed with their outsides Daniela Lee and Kadence Landis. Scoring at a high rate and being able to be those go to attackers for their team. Castlewood is now #5 on our class B power poll for the first time this season. This Castlewood team is usually led by junior MH/OH Presley Knecht. Presley has been a go to attacker for Castlewood in the past, but has not stepped on the court this fall due to an injury.

Last game we wanted to touch base on is the Sioux Falls Christian vs. O'Gorman game which will be played this Saturday. We have been talking about this match up in the office for quite awhile and are interested to see how positions match up against these two teams. O'Gorman is coming off two losses from last week, but is hoping to turn things around. This week they get moved to #2 on our power poll. Excited to see how they react from this past week(end) as we know they have some very experienced and hungry seniors who want nothing more than a perfect senior season.

My one takeaway from last week is the same thing I said about two or three weeks ago... Any team can win in all 3 classes, just depends on who shows up that night.

One thing I am looking forward to.. I believe that as we get closer and closer to November the competition is only going to continue to get amped up. I am excited to watch competitive volleyball!

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